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Monday, May 04, 2009

Labor Day weekend

Friday was the Labor Day holiday here (also known as May Day), so I had a three-day weekend. I was talking with some friends about doing some sightseeing around Chengdu and we had planned to go to Dujiangyan on Friday, but there was a lot of rain that morning so we decided not to go there that day. I guess I will have to go there another time.

Reese decided she wanted to stay home on Friday, but Rena (Reese's sister) was going to join me for lunch and then we were going to walk over to Water Viewing Pavilion Park across the river from where I live. Unfortunately, Rena was in such a rush to come over to my place that she sprained her ankle real bad going down the stairs to leave her apartment. We decided to not go anywhere that day and would try to go somewhere the next day.

On Saturday we went to QingCheng Mountain, which is not too far outside of Chengdu. QingCheng Mountain is famous for being one of the earliest areas for the Taoist religion, and has many temples. I was joined by Reese, her boyfriend, Rena, and a friend of her's who was nice enough to drive us out there. Rena and her friend stayed at the bottom of the mountain at tea house, since her ankle was still bothering her. Reese, her boyfriend, and I went up the mountain.

A big crowd outside the entrance to the mountain

Since it was a holiday it was more crowded than usual.

About a quarter of the way up we took a cable lift up to a point below the very top. The line for the lift was so long I think we could have walked up there quicker.

A view up the mountain from the lift

Reese and her boyfriend

At the top of the lift there was a little snack place where we stopped to have some noodles. The dan dan mian was very good.

Burning candles and incense

We didn't make it to the very top, but we almost made it.

Entrance to a temple

Since it was after 5:00pm we decided to head back down the mountain and since we did not wait in line for the lift we got down pretty quickly. We met up with Rena and her friend and then drove to a little restaurant for dinner. It was nice day, but I figured my feet were going to be hurting the next day.

(left to right) Reese's boyfriend, Reese, me, Rena's friend, and Rena

On Sunday I went to the wedding of one of my co-workers, Shirley. I invited Phyllis to go with me and I was very happy she accepted.

Phyllis and I at my co-worker's wedding

This wedding was much more traditional, as far as the ceremony and clothing, than some of the others weddings that I had been to.

The bride's mother applauds the maids of honor going by

Groom checking to make sure he has the right bride

Shirley and her new husband

There were two of us foreigners at the wedding, and relatives of the bride and groom kept our wine glasses full and kept offering toasts, so we ended up having too much wine. Luckily there was a lot of good food to eat.


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