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Monday, February 23, 2009

A different Friday

A week or so ago I had to submit my paperwork and passport to get a new work visa. My contract at IBM got renewed as a 3 year contract, and this time I am hoping to get a 3 year visa so that I don't have to keep renewing it all the time. On Friday I got a call from the people helping me get my visa and they told me that there was not enough pages in my passport for a new visa, and that I would have to go to the US Consulate here in ChengDu to get some pages added to it.

I've never been to the US Consulate here in ChengDu (or anywhere for that matter). I was worried that it would be very crowded since usually I see a large line of people there to get visas to the US whenever I go by there, but it wasn't bad when I went... only one family in line in front of me. After checking in and then going through security (which I won't discuss) I went to the lobby/waiting area of the consulate building and after a short wait I got my passport back with pages added to it. Now I have a fat passport.

After dinner on Friday night I went out to a place called Carol's Too. Carol's is a restaurant, I guess. I've never really had anything to eat there and I've never seen anybody eat anything there except for fruit. Carol's has two floors... about half the first floor is like a restaurant with tables, and the other half is a pool table, dance floor, and bar. The second floor has tables and a few pool tables. There is also some seating outside, and a guy with a grill that can cook kabobs and such. The dance floor also has a pole near the far wall.

Anyways, I've only been to Carols a few times and it is usually very crowded or not crowded at all. I got there at about 9:00pm and there was not many people there. There was a couple on the dance floor dancing to some slow song that seemed to be playing over and over again, a few guys playing pool, and on the TV there was a sports channel showing some old Joe Louis fights from 1935 and 1936. Pretty relaxing.

At about 9:40pm or so a very pretty lady came in, got a big glass of water from the bar, and then headed up to the DJ booth on the second floor that overlooks the dance floor. She started playing some really loud hip-hop dance stuff, and I was wondering who she was playing that for. By 10:00pm though the place was packed. The DJ was very good and there was always a crowd on the dance floor. Most of the crowd were young Chinese with a smattering of Indians, Africans, Americans, and Europeans. At about 10:30pm I was going to leave, but then a friend of mine showed up and I started chatting with her and a few of her friends.

Sometime later a couple showed up and not many people paid attention to them, but I noticed them right away. The girl was wearing a large black coat and some thick glasses, and the guy was wearing what looked like a big black cloak with a hood that covered his head. I couldn't really see his face under the hood but it looked like he had some marks on his face. The guy disappeared into the bathroom and the girl went upstairs to talk to the DJ.

A little while later the girl came downstairs and took off her coat and glasses. She was a knockout! Short black dress, long black hair and long legs, and some major league stiletto heels. She went over to the dance floor and started dancing on the pole there, and then the guy came out to dance with her. After he removed his cloak we could all see he was dressed sort of like a cat... fur loincloth, silver mask, whiskers painted on his face, and not much else on. The pair did a really cool and sexy dance number at the pole on the dance floor, and everyone in the place stopped what they were doing to watch.

After the dance the couple put their coats and cloaks back on, and left. I do not know who they were... Did they work for the bar? Were they part of a dance group visiting ChengDu? Or were they just a couple who went around to night clubs doing a very cool and sexy dance routine? I have no idea. I wish I had had my camera with me.


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