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Monday, February 16, 2009

Annual Party 2009

On Sunday afternoon we had our annual party. It was held in the California Garden Hotel which I think is in the northwest part of ChengDu. The party started off with some words from our site manager about 2008 and 2009 at IBM. Then we watched a few videos of some high-level IBM managers wishing us a happy Chinese New Years and talking about 2008 and 2009 at IBM.

After that we had a bunch of shows. The first show was of some dragon dancers. They were really good.

Dragon dancers performing

After the dragon dancers we had someone performing a mask dance. This is pretty cool if you get a chance to see it. This guy dances around and his mask keeps changing colors and patterns. I think it is done by removing one mask at a time, but you never really see it removed by a good dancer.

Mask dancer goes from green face to red face

The dragon dancers and the mask dancer were professional entertainers that we hired to start the show. The rest of the entertainment was performed by IBM employees here at the office. First up, the managers lip sync sing for us.

IBM ChengDu managers sing for us

I am not sure how many people we had a the party... somewhere between 600 and 700 people I think.

My friends Clover and Fiona

There were a large variety of shows. Some of them I am not sure what was going on, since my Chinese is still terrible.

A heavenly play

The table I sat at was down near the front of the ballroom, so I got to visit with a lot of friends.

Kitty comes by to visit before dancing

This is my 4th annual party and I'm always surprised that we have so many talented people.

Gina leads a group of beautiful dancers

We had dancers, singers, plays, contests, etc...

Posing with Tina and Bessie before their dance routine

There were routines that were ancient and many modern ones.

A cool jazzy dance routine

Some of the people performed in more than one act too.

My friend Gina who is an amazing dancer

I've always found it interesting that a lot of Chinese do not like Indian food, but a lot of the ladies like the clothes and we all like the belly-dancing.

Candy and Jessie perform a belly-dancer routine

This belly-dancing routine was kind of different in that they did not dance to traditional belly-dancing music, but tried it to a modern rock song. It worked really well.

I had to get a picture with Jessie and Candy in these outfits

There were a lot of later shows that I didn't get a chance to get pictures of, because they had started serving dinner.

Some singers from our procurement team

Besides watching all the really good shows I also got to see some friends who were in ChengDu visiting.

Pou Ping (left) and Kwai Ling (right). Pou Ping is Kwai Ling's sister and works in our office in Dalian. Both are from India, although their parents are from China

The whole party was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed myself. Altogether I think it ran more than 5 hours, but it didn't seem that long.


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