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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Get thee to a gym

Not too much has been going on lately except work stuff. We have some VIPs from IBM US visiting, and on Monday we had a town hall meeting with one of them. The meeting was held at an auditorium at a nearby college. The walk there was further than we thought it was, so we had to walk fast to avoid being late. My legs are a little stiff from all of the walking.

On Tuesday I got invited to a luncheon with some of the VIPs and we went to a restaurant called Mai Zi Da Wang, which is a really good seafood restaurant near our office. I have eaten there before but have never seen a menu there. Dishes are presented on the first floor (on plates and in aquariums) and you can look at everything and decide which dishes you want. They have a wide variety of dishes and we had about 25 people in our group, so we ordered a lot.

We had two cold dishes... boiled peanuts mixed with celery, and clams mixed with greens. For hot dishes we had shrimp and shredded potato soup, miniature spicy chicken kabobs, pork with green beans and potatoes in a gravy, bean curd fried with peppers, steamed pork dumplings, a vegetable tofu mix, noodles with pork, shredded potato mixed with noodles, pork ribs cooked with rice, pineapple bread, watermelon, and peanut cookies. I'm sure I forgot something... there was a lot. Not much seafood, but I think we ordered too much. It was so good though we ended up eating almost all of it.

That evening we took all of our VIP guests out to dinner at a place called Samba World. This is billed as a Brazilian BBQ restaurant. Here you have a buffet of salads, vegetables, and desserts. Waiters walk around with a variety of meats on large skewers and cut pieces off for you at the table. When I first got there I was still pretty full from lunch so I was not hungry, but eventually ended up eating way too much there too.

If I learned anything from our VIP visit it was that I need to start going back to the gym.


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