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Monday, June 22, 2009

Big Island to Oahu

Our last day on Big Island and we started with a nice breakfast of cinnamon French toast and fresh fruit. I have not had French toast in ages, and Jackie had never had it before. It was delicious! After saying good bye to the others at the Volcano Forest Inn we got back on the road again. We wanted to see some of the east side of the island before we caught our afternoon flight to Oahu.

On the road again

Where the west side of the island is mostly volcanic soil and in some places resembles a desert, the east side of the island is lush with lots of grasslands and jungle. Here are some more pictures...

Some grasslands near cattle farms

A big beautiful tree

A lovely scenic view

North of the city of Hilo are a few waterfalls, the largest being Akaka Falls which was very beautiful...

Akaka Falls

A little side trip into some jungle

Some jungle flowers

This gives you an idea how big the jungle growth was

Another waterfall near Akaka Falls

There was one place that I was hoping to go to, but we had trouble finding it. Laupāhoehoe is a place that was hit by a tsunami in 1946, and there is a memorial for the school children that died in the tsunami. It turns out it was a little north of Akaka Falls, but we thought it was to the south.

For lunch we stopped at a little Thai place in Hilo. We were in need of some spicy food and some rice.

Our waitress was impressed we could eat such spicy food

After lunch we went to the airport, dropped off our rental car, and caught our flight to Oahu. The flight from Hilo to Honolulu was about 40 minutes, and at the airport we got a shuttle to our hotel. We were staying at the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki. It seemed that 90% of the guests at the hotel were from Japan, so the service was very good and the place was very nice and clean. Our room was on the top floor.

Across from the hotel is a large marina with all kinds of sailboats and yachts, as well as some very pretty beaches.

Left view from our hotel room on the 33rd floor

Middle view from our hotel room on the 33rd floor

Soon after checking in we made arrangements to go to Pearl Harbor the next day, and then Jackie wanted to go to the beach next door that is in front of the Hilton. Jackie went for a swim and I decided to relax in the shade of a palm tree.

Jackie goes for a swim

After that we went for a walk in the marina to look at all the boats.

Jackie poses by some boats in the marina

At dinner time we went walking around Waikiki near our hotel and decided to have dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Jackie had never been to one before, and it looked like fun. I had the Outback Special (sirloin steak) and Jackie had the Savory Pepper Mill Steak, and we both had a beer that was either local or Australian... I had never heard of it before. Our waitress was great, and really took great care of us.

NOTE: I got my evenings messed up and changed the last paragraph to the right place.


  • Hi Steve, We were in Oahu and the Big Island in June, 2009 for 2 weeks. Laupāhoehoe is a place that was hit by a tsunami in 1946. My aunt was one of the lucky students that ran as fast as she could to escape the water. Her teacher died and many of her classmates. My aunt and uncle own a home there and go back once a year in the fall. Also the bakery you wrote about was one that my uncle said we must go to. He said they have the best sweetbread. He was so right! And I think it was one of the cheapest meals we had the whole time! Thank you for sharing your vacation. We had a wonderful time and will go back again! Bonnie from Mechanicsburg PA

    By Blogger Bonnie, at 11:47 AM  

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