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Monday, May 12, 2008

Dinners and parties

Even though last week was a long work week I got to have some fun while I wasn't working. On Wednesday I went over to Reese's place for dinner. Her mother is visiting her in ChengDu and cooked a huge meal for us. I also got to meet one of Reese's sisters which was nice.

The recipes were from the Hunan province (where Reese's family is from) and it was really good... a couple of pork dishes, a chicken dish, and a few vegetable dishes. Some of the dishes had a really good mushroom from Hunan province in them that Reese's mother had brought with her. They even gave me a big bag of mushrooms... I can't wait to use them.

On Friday night my internet connection went down, but I didn't mind too much. I wanted to finish one of the Flashman books I was reading and I was going to a party on Saturday night. The party was held outside of town at a place called Flower Town, where they grow all kinds of flowers which are sold all over the world. The place where the party was held use to be an old tea house, which had been renovated into a house for people to live in. There was a good crowd for the party too. There were people from China, the USA, Germany, France, and Pakistan. To eat we had BBQ sausages, beef ribs, chicken, and a bunch of different vegetables.

Cooking sausages

The house sits up on a hill and overlooks a few other houses that lead down to a river. It was really pretty at night since a lot of the houses and businesses in the area had blue lights strung up on them. Too bad this picture did not come out too clearly...

There's a river down there somewhere

Besides the food there was a lot of patio space to lounge about and chat, one area down on one of the lower patios that had a bonfire going, another patio had a tent set up with matresses that everyone referred to as the "love tent" and a hammock, and a pool table and ping pong table up on the upper patio.

One of many crazy pool games

I only knew a few people, so I spent a lot of time meeting the people I didn't know. One person ran a Turkish restaurant in town, another worked for the Pakistan embassy, another owned a consulting firm, another worked for Intel, etc, etc... A really diverse group, and a lot of fun. After midnight some of the people wanted to go out and continue the party in town, and a few girls (two from China, one from South Carolina, and one from Germany) took me out to a bar called Hemp House. I don't go out to bars much, but it was pretty hip for a Chinese bar.

Unfortunately I didn't get home until around 4:00am, and spent Sunday snoozing, doing laundry, and finishing Flashman's Lady. My internet connection came back in the evening, but I wasn't doing much online. I was suppose to go out to dinner with this girl I know, but she never called. Actually, she did call but my phone had turned itself off since I had let the battery get low. Oh well, another night this week perhaps.


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