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Monday, April 14, 2008

New chow

This weekend I tried out some new places to eat that are close to where I live that I discovered...

The first place was an Irish pub that is in the Shangri-la Hotel called Mooney's Pub. This is a new place and has only been open a few months. I had the Shepherd's Pie and some Kilkenny lager... They were both really good. They also had a duet from Scotland who played some Irish and Scottish songs. Mooney's has a nice atmosphere and it's not too crowded. The only down side is it is in a hotel, so the prices are a little high.

Last night I took Reese to a Papa John's pizza place that just opened at a new shopping center near where I live called Wanda Plaza. As far as I know there are a few Papa john's in Beijing and Shanghai, but this is the only one in ChengDu. All of the Papa John's that I have been to in the U.S. were pick-up or delivery only, but the one here in ChengDu is a restaurant where you can eat your meal there. We had a garden salad, some chicken wings, and a large thin-crust pizza that was a Super Papa's (all ingredients) on one half and a Texas Heat (beef and peppers) on the other half. The salad was ok. The wings were a little greasy, but very tasty. The pizza was very good.

While wondering around the neighborhood where I live I found this nice clean little noodle place. I do not remember the name of it. I tried the dandan mian; which is a bowl of noodles with some spicy ground pork, some spicy ground peanut and sesame sauce, and a few green vegetables (usually cucumber, lettuce or cabbage). Although it was not the best dandan mian I've ever had, it was the best dandan mian I've had in ChengDu. The price was really good too... 5.5 Yuan (about 80 cents) for a medium size bowl. I'm looking forward to trying out other noodle dishes there too.

I also discovered a place near where I live called Liao's Bon Bon Chicken. This is a chain restaurant, and I've only seen it in Sichuan province. I haven't eaten here yet, but want to try it. Some of my friends told me it's really good. Maybe next weekend.


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