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Thursday, March 20, 2008


I've been very busy so I haven't had a chance to post much, and there is a lot going on. Most has to do with the protests and riots in Tibet and here in parts of China. ChengDu has a large Tibetan population, and after Friday's rioting broke out in Lhasa the Tibetan areas here in ChengDu have been locked down. There has also been a huge increase in the police presence here. The other day I saw several policeman armed with submachine guns downtown.

There's a lot of stories going around here too. There was one story that someone stole a bunch of explosives and were going to set them off in ChengDu, but that turned out to be false. Another story about a Tibetan man who stabbed someone and the police said it had nothing to do with what was going on in Tibet, but who knows? I've also heard stories about Chinese (police and civilians) beating and killing Tibetans here. There's also a story about several hundred arrested monks in Lhasa were flown to ChengDu and are being held here... no idea of that's true or not.

There's also a lot of different stories about unrest coming out of Tibet, and a few other provinces here in China that have large Tibetan populations. I think the official Chinese versions of the stories are complete BS, and I think most people outside of China know they are, but they are not really aimed at foreigners. Censorship of news stories on CNN and BBC here are very obvious, and they Great Firewall of China has been very busy censoring the internet here.

These are signs of just how weak the government is here in China... They can not tell their own people the truth, and they have to brutally repress their population with fear and intimidation. Things are going to get very bad here when the inevitable downturn in the economy happens. I would not be surprised if the Dalai Lama outlives the CCP.

Although this article was written nine years ago, and I disagree with some of the author's assumptions, it has some good insight into how Chinese think about Tibet...

Tibet Through Chinese Eyes

Here is an informative post about how the violence by Tibetans isn't helping matters...

Black Days for the Dalai Lama

And another interesting article about the differences between China and India, and how they handle dissent...

China and India: Oh to be different


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