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Saturday, December 10, 2005


I have been trying to setup an end-of-year vacation to Phuket, Thailand. The website for the resort I want to go to mentions Khon Kaen airport, but not anything about an airport in Phuket, so I got plane tickets to Khon Kaen on the 24th and a return flight from there on January 2nd. Now, getting plane tickets here is not as easy as it is in the States. Here you have to book tickets for in-country flights a certain way, and international parts of the flight a different way. To get down there all in one day I had to get flights from Dalian to Hangzhou, then to Guangzhou, then Bangkok, then Khon Kaen. Going back was easier... Khon Kaen to Bangkok, then to Beijing, then Dalian. After I got my tickets I let the resort know my flight plans and when I would be arriving in Khon Kaen. Then I found out that I am not suppose to fly to Khon Kaen since that is on the other side of Thailand! Grrrr...

So I found a flight that goes from Bangkok to Phuket that I can catch, and since my tickets are non-changable/non-refundable I will just eat the cost of the flight from Bangkok to Khon Kaen. Coming back now is a problem. There is only one flight out of Phuket to Bangkok on January 2nd and it arrives after my connecting flight, so that's no good. There are no other flights going anywhere out of Phuket that day or the next day either. There is a flight that leaves in the morning the day before, so if I take that it will be one less day at the resort and a day and a night in Bangkok. I might have to do that if I can not find some other form of transportation to Bangkok to catch my morning flight on the 2nd. Hopefully I will find out soon about that since this trip is only two weeks away.


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