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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow and stuff

The weather in Chengdu has gotten really cold this week. We even had some snow last night! Just a dusting, but there was still some in shady places this morning.

I do not think we had any snow in Chengdu last winter. Maybe a flurry. It would be nice to have a white Christmas, but I don't think it will happen.

I was trying to decide where to travel to during the week between Christmas and New Years. Everything that week is insanely expensive though! Almost 3 to 4 times as expensive as any other week. My friend Jackie is also taking off that week, and after talking with her about vacation options she decided she wanted to come spend the holidays with me in Chengdu. Yeah! We're still deciding what we are going to do while she is in town, but I am really looking forward to seeing her.

My work schedule is changing a little tomorrow... For 3 weeks I will not be on the early shift, nor will I be providing on call support during non-work hours; so I should have some time to do some things like Christmas shopping! I also need to do some cleaning up of my apartment.