Steve's China Blog

Monday, January 31, 2005

First post, welcome!

Welcome to my Blog!

I've accepted a software engineering position from IBM at their office in Dalian, China. Rather than just sending emails out to everyone about my time there (and then losing my address book, which has happened before) I thought I'd create a blog and post my experiences for all of you to see. I don't think I'll be posting too much at first, but I'll try to post often after I settle in over there. Information about Dalian can be found here.

Just two more weeks until I fly out to Dalian, and there seems no shortage of things that need to be done. I'm going out to the Chinese embassy today and pick up my entry visa. I'm almost finished shopping for things that I need to take, but I keep thinking up new things that would come in handy. Ever get that nagging feeling that you've forgot something before taking a long trip? I've got that feeeling now. I guess that's normal.

I am also trying to read more. Trying to brush up on my computer languages for my job out there isn't that difficult, but learning some basic chinese phrases isn't that easy for me... I've never been that good at learning foreign lanuages. Almost all of the chinese I know has to do with martial arts, which won't help much. Oh well,... I think everything will work out ok.

P.S. The post date/time is in Dalian time.