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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sun and fun

My visa got approved. I will probably go back to the USA to visit family and friends in late September and come back after the October holiday. I will wait until next year to go to Bali after their rainy season ends. I am not sure where I am going at the end of this year now. I'll have to think about that one.

The Olympics are finally over. Even though it was just a big propaganda stunt there were some funny things that happened. My favorite is about how the Chinese have fallen in love with beach volleyball...

Sun, sand and beach babes in the Edmonton Sun

In the stands, almost touching the net, 66-year-old retired Beijing government worker, Liu Xincheng, stands up, leaving his son sitting, and dances to America's top 40.

He ogles the pretty girls with his binoculars and falls in love with a medal sport that's more like a day at the beach.

"I just get excited to support the doesn't matter what country," he explains.

This, he adds, is just as good as badminton or even karaoke.

That's saying a lot since Chinese really love their badminton and karaoke! I'll probably talk more about the Olympics later, but for now I'll just mention this story....

From The People's Cube

The other night I went to Hooters. It was a lot of fun! It is pretty much the same as Hooters in the US. There are some difference though... Besides the big Chinese flag and the ping pong reruns on the TV, the real big difference is the Hooter Girls. They spend more time going around to the tables and singing songs for the customers. Another difference is that you see more female customers here, which is good.

Hooters makes you happy

On Saturday night I went out with about two dozen co-workers and friends to a place here called the Cotton Club. One of my colleagues is going back to IBM Norway, so we threw a going-away party for him.

Enjoying the company of some friends

The Cotton Club is pretty new and is really nice. They have a pretty good DJ and a really good band. Everyone had a really good time. Some of the ladies even got me to dance.


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