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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Video, lunch, and parts

One day last week I woke up and it looked nice and sunny outside, so I decided to take along my handycam and make a video of my commute to work. When I get free time I have been editing it down in size, and I hope to have some of the video posted on the blog later this week or early next week.

On Sunday I went out to lunch with some co-workers to have some more 大盘鸡 at the same place that Reese and I had gone to a week earlier. It was really good, and afterwards we walked around the city for about a half and hour. Eventually we arrived at a part of the city nicknamed computer city where they have a lot of stores selling computers, computer parts, cell phones, mp3 players, dvd players, etc...

Since I have been having problems with my graphics cards and monitor on my home computer I figured I would check out what they had. The last time I was in this place the best graphics card any of them had was the GeForce 7600GS, which is not a very good graphics card. This time they had a bunch of the GeForce series 8's and a few places even had some of the GeForce series 9's!

I bought two GeForce 8600GT cards. They are not real high quality graphics cards, but just some cheap Chinese made cards that use NVidia GeForce technology. The cooling fans on them looked really fragile and the cards did not even have a power connection, but they can be run in SLI mode so I got them. I figured they will hopefully last me until I can get a pair of really nice graphics cards the next time I am in the States.

I also wanted to replace my cheap 17" monitor that I had bought in Dalian about two years ago. It started showing dead pixels about 6 months ago, so I figured it was going bad on me. I had a list of monitors that had gotten good reviews and wanted to see if any of the stores had any of the ones on my list. Eventually we found a few places that had the LG226WTQ 22" widescreen LCD monitor, so I got one of those.

When I got home I installed the new graphics cards and discovered that my 17" monitor wasn't bad... My old graphics cards were worse off then I thought. After getting the cards installed I hooked up the new monitor and it looks great! The strange thing about the new larger monitor is that I have to sit up straight to see the whole monitor. I had not realized how much I had been leaning forward to see, and how close I had had my face to, the old smaller monitor.

I ran a bunch of different software to see how the new graphics cards and new monitor worked out. I was really worried about the graphics cards, but they seem to be working really well. The cooling fans on the graphics cards can be adjusted and monitored using RivaTuner and I could not get them to overheat, even by running some intensive 3D games. The only problem seems to be that the fans make noise... they are the only thing on my system that makes any noise. It's not loud and I'll probably get use to it.


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