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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weather, Maryland, Movies

The weather in Chengdu is starting to get a little chilly now. The high temperature yesterday got up to 14°C (about 57°F). Time to start wearing sweaters and jackets again. The nice thing about winter coming is that a lot of restaurants will now start serving lamb. People here usually don't eat lamb when the weather is warm since they believe it "puts fire in the belly".

It does look like things are heating up in the elections back in the USA. I see that in my home district back in Maryland that Charles Lollar is making Steny Hoyer worried. This must be really upsetting to a ruling class elitist like Hoyer, and it seems to be showing, as you can see in this article from the Southern Maryland Headline News...

Lollar: Steny Hit Me in the Back, Twice

A lot of my colleagues here at the office are watching what is going on with the elections. My English mentees and I are going to discuss the election next week and it will be interesting to see what we end up talking about. They are curious about how the results will effect future US/Chinese relations. They were rather surprised when I showed them this picture and informed them that this is in Detroit, and not China...

Well, it's not really Detroit. It's a set for the remake of the movie Red Dawn. The original movie had the Soviets and their western hemisphere lackeys invading the USA. The new version will be having the Chinese invade the USA. Here's an interesting article about the movie in the Asia Times Online...

US paranoia seen in new Red Dawn

What is interesting about this picture is that when shown without any explanation most people believe it is real... and could be somewhere in the USA.

I forget where I found the picture below, but it's sure to drive some people crazy!


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