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Monday, August 10, 2009

News of the new news

I didn't have a lot planned this weekend. I had some friends over for dinner on Saturday night. I cooked some spaghetti and we also had some french bread and gouda cheese from Holland. It was pretty good. The rest of the time I spent playing on the computer, doing some laundry, and catching up on the news back in the USA.

I haven't read the news much lately since I've been so busy. It's amazing how much has been going on... I never even heard of this cash for clunkers program until now. What a financial disaster that is. It looks like a typical government program... give everyone $3,500 or $4,500 for their old cars, but the taxpayers end up spending anywhere from $20,000 to $45,000 per car. It looks like they are going to try to keep the program going too. These are the same idiots that want to run the health care system?

The socialization of the US health care system is another big topic in the news. It's always funny when these aristocratic-wannabes in Washington decide they know what's best for the masses, and then they get all upset when people complain. How dare those sheeple complain!

Doesn't matter... they don't care about the will of the people and they'll pass that socialist garbage. It is interesting to see them display their utter contempt and disdain for the average person though. They always say their there for the people but we all know that, like socialist political elites everywhere, they don't give a rat's pah-tooty about anyone but themselves. If the changes to health care are so great then why are the politicians exempt from it?... for their whole lives?

It looks like they really underestimated the public's reaction though. Only in a few places did their red guard thugs show up to beat the complaining peasants. No worries though... they're taking names, and a few years in a re-education though labor camp will stop those pesky complainers. This article is pretty funny...

Know Your Town Hall Mob Agitators!

Greetings citizen! By now you may have heard scattered rumors of state and party officials encountering reactionary resistors at local health care reform information programs. Do not be alarmed, for our 5-year plan for citizen health proceeds without delay. Remain stalwart! The truth can be told at last, that these so-called “protests” are merely the desperate rear flank mob actions of dead-end bandits and saboteurs in the pay of enemy insurance agents.

About time the people in the US started standing up for their rights. I have to wonder if events in Iran and Honduras helped.

The recession here in China is pretty much over with. When it hit here back at the beginning of the year you could tell something was wrong. Usually the whole country is one big construction site, but all those migrant workers who usually do all that construction work were told to stay home after they left for the Spring Festival holidays to visit their families, and construction came to a stand still. It seemed rather quiet sometimes with no construction going on.

The government then put together a stimulas package which gave tax breaks to businesses, so that they could hire people and get the economy going again. It seems all that construction is going again, which is good for the Chinese economy even though it can be loud at times. Even the government in Beijing knows that tax cuts are always a great way to get out of a recession. Increased government spending and tax increases are really bad for economies. Too bad the idiots in Washington don't know this, or maybe they do and they just don't care.

Let's see, what else?... Oh, there was this trip to North Korea by Bill Clinton. A reporter discusses socialist culture in an interesting article I saw in the Washington Post about a photo taken there....

An Emotional Restraining Order For Clinton the Statesman

When former president Bill Clinton arrived in Pyongyang on his mission to bring home the two American journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, who had been detained by the North Korean government for nearly five months, he posed for an official photograph with the country's reclusive leader, Kim Jong Il. The photograph is, to be blunt, weird. Disconcerting. Creepy.

Why would anyone dislike life in North Korea? They have government run health care (political elites are exempt from it though). No need for tax cuts for business (since the government owns all the businesses). No need for tax cuts to improve the economy since they are in a permanent recession (since the government owns all the businesses). No complaining peasants. No food either.


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