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Thursday, January 24, 2008

So many choices

We've been watching the primaries here. One of my English mentees even did a presentation about the election process in the US. Now my mentees probably know more about the election process than most people in the US do. I've been doing a lot of research of all of the candidates, and it seems that like most people, it has taken awhile to determine who I will support.

On the Democrat side of the ticket is Obama and Hillary. Edwards is sort of irrelevant at this point and he won't get the nomination. Obama is too much of a leftist for me, and it appears there is some question about his ethics (particularly the Rezco connection). On the other hand, Hillary is even further left of Obama and even much more corrupt! No way I would vote for either of these two.

On the Republican side of the ticket is Giuliani, Huckabee, McCain, Romney, and Paul. I think Fred Thompson's values most mirrored my own, but he dropped out of a race and his campaign reminded me too much of Bob Dole's failed presidential run. Paul is irrelevant (and a bit too wacky for me), so that leaves four candidates... Giuliani, Huckabee, McCain, Romney

I do not think Giuliani or Huckabee can win the nomination. Huckabee seems to be only getting votes from his base, and Giuliani doesn't seem to be getting any votes except some in Florida and some in New York. Giuliani is too liberal for me, and I'm disappointed in the strategy of his campaign. Huckabee seems a bit strange to me... too religious and somewhat bigoted. I am not even sure what issues he is running on.

That leaves either McCain or Romney. I think McCain is a nice guy and I like his support of our country and our military. His support of other legislation, and co-sponsoring bills of radical left-wing senators, has been very troubling. If I voted for McCain it would be to avoid voting for Obama or Hillary.

Both McCain and Romney seem too liberal for me, but I think some of Romney's liberal leanings were compromises he made in order to become governor of the very liberal state, the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts. Both seem to understand the importance of defeating terrorists worldwide and keeping our country safe. I can not say the same for Obama or Hillary.

McCain has been a politician for a long time and lacks the business experience that Romney has, which I think will be important now that the Chicken Littles are starting to have an impact on the economy. Romney has a long standing track record of fixing failing organizations... He turned around the 2002 Olympics, many failing businesses, and the Massachusetts economy.

The clincher though, for me anyways, is the support of the liberal mainstream media. The press keeps telling us that McCain is face of the new reborn Republican Party, and they tell us that Romney would be very bad for the country. I'm always amazed that the liberal mainstream media always offers advice to the Republicans on how to win elections, and people believe they are really interested in the future well being of the Republican Party (or of the United States for that matter). My vote is going for Romney.

Of course, a lot of people don't bother doing research and I am not even going to try and imagine how they chose their candidates. The least they can do is use something like the Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz, which asks about preferences on some issues and matches them to candidates. The things I didn't like about the quiz was that it didn't explain why it matched issues to a candidate, and there are some issues missing.

Of course, there is always the Craiglist's election guide. I'll stick to research.


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