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Friday, September 08, 2006

The Path to 9/11

On Sunday September 10th and Monday September 11th ABC will be showing a docudrama special, called The Path to 9/11, about the years leading up to the attacks of 9/11. The six-hour miniseries (aired over the two nights without commercial interuption) is based on the 9/11 Commission report, and also on ABC News correspondent John Miller’s book, "The Cell." It starts with the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, and covers the international terrorist conspiracy that unfolded over the next eight years and led to 9/11.

Although the story of what led up to the attacks on 9/11 is what is important, what has led up to the airing of this special (if it does get aired) has been interesting too!

Like most specials, ABC had an initial showing to a small audience. Unfortantely they choose to have the initial showing to a group of people in Washington, DC. Some of the people who attended the initial screening were from the Clinton Administration, or friends of the Clinton Administration, and they were shocked that ABC would show the truth about that administration's approach to defending America against terrorism (or lack thereof).

Clinton himself called ABC and told them to pull the show, but since ABC had put $40 million into creating it they were not about to pull it. Also, in another blatent attempt at censorship, democrats in the senate have sent a letter to ABC threatening to pull ABC's broadcast license if they show this. The democrats' decision to threaten ABC's broadcast license makes it obvious what a future with them in control of Congress will be like.... and I thought censorship in China was bad.

But ABC did relent some, and are now editing it to remove some scenes that liberal democrats find offensive (i.e. scenes that show that they can not be trusted to be put in charge of America's national security). The thing is though, ABC had already released several un-editted versions of the film on DVD to various people and organizations, and a lot of them have promised to let everyone know what was cut from the film.

Even with the possibility it will be pulled and the fact that it is being editted; the left has mobilized their spin machine and it is amazing to read about the lengths they will go to lie about, and discredit the film, its actors, writers, and ABC itself. Everything from flooding the blogsphere with inaccurate stories to service denial attacks of other blogs and news sites. They really do not want you to watch this!

From what I understand, the movie portrays both the Clinton and the Bush Administrations as dropping the ball leading up to 9/11. Yet we don't hear anyone from the Bush Administration complaining, and they have the most to lose with midterm elections coming up. Instead, we hear yelps and howls of "it's not fair" coming from former Clinton crowd.

This sounds like it will be an informative, compelling, and engrossing film that will definitely be worth watching. I have heard that it will be also played online, so if it is not pulled by the censors, then I will look forward to seeing it. There might be a few people in al'qaeda who do not want you to watch this and there are definitely a lot of people in Washington who do not want you to watch it... all the more reason to watch it! Enjoy! :)


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